Star Wars: Beyond the Edge

Episode 11

You've won a brand new speeder!

Vekayya cantina small

Previously, on Star Wars: Edge of the Empire…

Pash, Vex and Jerry arrive back at the asteroid base, only to discover the Trex has escaped thanks to his slicer companion.

The group decides to try and open up some Ryll smuggling lines and headed to Vakeyya, the capital city on the planet Socorro, a world known for its smuggling and underworld connections.

With the name of a contact from Captain Onoss, the group hits up a casino. Pash and Sasha are immediately drawn to a slot machine and win a landspeeder in one pull, bringing about the suspicion of the head of security. They manage to talk him into having the speeder delivered to their docking bay, in exchange for leaving the casino immediately.

Meanwhile, Mathus and Vex have spotted their Verpine potential contact during a high stakes Sabaac game, but before they can reach out to him he is apprehended by casino security. Deciding to free him, the wookie Lowrhick neatly knocks two security agents unconscious and properls the Verpine out of the casino.

The rest of the security agents turn on the group as Mathus begins taking out portions of the casino’s power grid. In the ensuing chaos, Pash fires his flechette pistol, decapitating a security guard before he is stunned unconscious and the group manages to escape the casino.

The group launch themselves into their waiting speeder and immediately takes off, with security guards in hot pursuit through the busy streets of Vakeyya.


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