Star Wars: Beyond the Edge

Episode 12

Swoop, there it is


Previously, on Star Wars: Edge of the Empire…

Chased by security guards on Swoop Bikes, the group led a merry chase through the alleyways of Akevva. Killing their pursuers, Jerry managed to take one of the swoop bikes after leaping onto one and killing its driver.

After ditching the security agents and ignoring the obviously booby-trapped crate filled with explosives instead of a shiny new landspeeder, the group met with the Verpine, Statos, who introduced the group to their new contact.

After successfully negotiating an ongoing deal to trade large shipments of Ryll on their smuggling base, the group agreed to take Statos back to their base as he is well known and wanted on Akevva.


BlueDog BlueDog

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