Star Wars: Beyond the Edge

Episode 18

Stormtroopers are dicks


Previously, on Star Wars: Edge of the Empire…

While exploring the Imperial research facility after defeating the evil cult leader and rescuing a group of orphans, our heroes ran into a mercenary named Kader Raan who had also been taken captive.

After freeing the other children, the group ran into the local governor and his storm troopers, who asked for the heroes’ help in securing the facility.

Suspecting a trap but joining them anyway, the Governor and a squad of storm troopers escaped with the orphans, leaving the heroes behind to be amushed.

After fighting their way free and locking the stormtrooper squad inside a research lab, the heroes find Harmon, the Naboo security agent, dying of blaster wounds, as well as an unconscious Pash.

Hopping into the remaining speeders, our group of adventurers take off down the darkened tunnel, close on the heels of the Governor and the yet-again-kidnapped orphans.


BlueDog BlueDog

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