Star Wars: Beyond the Edge

Episode 20

Imperial Intelligence is not an oxymoron


Previously, on Star Wars: Beyond the Edge…

Our heroes rescued a group of orphans and were interrogated by an Imperial Intelligence Officer who is interested in the group’s abilities.

After hiring on the disenfranchised Naboo Security agent Harmon as their head of security, the group returned to their asteroid base only to find it under attack by pirates.

After defeating the pirates in a furious space battle and killing the group that had boarded their station, our erstwhile scoundrels are left with too many questions and too few answers. Who are these pirates? How did they find their base? And why do they seem so intent on coming after our heroes?

With a pirate prisoner comatose in a holding cell and their frigate in a damaged hangar bay, our group may finally get some answers…


BlueDog BlueDog

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