Technician and ship/navigation expert. Also a hella brawler.


Ambition – Wonderlust/Novelty
Mathus is not particularly cause-driven, and, while not a specifically relationship-driven (at least yet) individual, he is driven by the desire – even fascination – with new technologies, or even better, the repurposing of old technologies into something of new use. This is driven, at least in part, both by his need for self-preservation (his reworking of power converters into a set of customized shock gloves to keep overly-aggressive henchmen or local henchmen at bay is an example of this), and a slight propensity to laziness (he once re-worked a broken protocol droid in Teemo the Hutt’s repair facility to sound like himself, and programmed it with a number of automated excuses as a way of dealing with Teemo’s ever-increasing demands on his time over the comm).
Teemo is not a designer or a creator of new technology, and he’d not overtly greedy, but the fascination with new things, and the repurposing of existing technology in new ways, does hold a sort of faint promise that finding (or stealing) just the right one could pay off big for him one day.
These experiments don’t always work out as planned, however – the droid accidentally answered Teemo when he was standing next to it in the facility – causing Teemo to immediately have the droid destroyed and install additional cameras in Mathus’ workspace; and his first attempt at shock gloves sent him flying across the room and resulted in some nasty burns.

Family (Dutybound)
As an orphan growing up on the streets of Anchorhead, Mathus was essentially family-less until the experienced the old mechanic Honwoo who took him in and taught him virtually everything he knows today about technology and repair. Teemo the Hutt had repeatedly threatened to harm Honwoo, should Mathus try and escape. Now that he has left the Hutt, Mathus carries a strong sense of guilt that his actions will bring harm to the old man. At the moment, self-preservation is allowing him to repress these concerns, but they are strong, and likely to manifest themselves in some manner, going forward.



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