Star Wars: Beyond the Edge

Episode 20
Imperial Intelligence is not an oxymoron


Previously, on Star Wars: Beyond the Edge…

Our heroes rescued a group of orphans and were interrogated by an Imperial Intelligence Officer who is interested in the group’s abilities.

After hiring on the disenfranchised Naboo Security agent Harmon as their head of security, the group returned to their asteroid base only to find it under attack by pirates.

After defeating the pirates in a furious space battle and killing the group that had boarded their station, our erstwhile scoundrels are left with too many questions and too few answers. Who are these pirates? How did they find their base? And why do they seem so intent on coming after our heroes?

With a pirate prisoner comatose in a holding cell and their frigate in a damaged hangar bay, our group may finally get some answers…

Episode 19
Space Goonies


Previously, on Star Wars: Edge of the Empire…

While Vex and Lowrick stayed behind in an attempt to revive the mortally wounded Harmon, the others took off after the governor and the kidnapped orphans.

Kader, Mathus, Jerry and Sasha raced through the facility’s exit tunnel on stolen speeder bikes and a landspeeder – blasting out into heavily forested jungle. After surviving two epic crashes, Kader and Jerry managed to get their bikes under control.

In the meantime, Sasha and Mathus caught up to the children, under guard from the governor and his stormtrooper bodyguards. Slicing into the stormtrooper’s landspeeder, Mathus brings them to a halt, allowing our heroes to engage them.

After a fierce firefight, in which the orphan kid Jarren drove a stolen speederbike into the governor, the group decides to take the orphans back with them to their station, determining it isn’t safe for them any longer on Naboo.

Before they can leave the spaceport, they are “politely” asked to accompany an Imperial officer and his four squads of stormtroopers onto a Lambda class shuttle, as his superior wants to speak with them.

The shuttle takes them into orbit, where an Imperial Star Destroyer is waiting. The hangar bay doors open, and the shuttle smoothly drifts inside, with the doors sliding shut behind them…

Episode 18
Stormtroopers are dicks


Previously, on Star Wars: Edge of the Empire…

While exploring the Imperial research facility after defeating the evil cult leader and rescuing a group of orphans, our heroes ran into a mercenary named Kader Raan who had also been taken captive.

After freeing the other children, the group ran into the local governor and his storm troopers, who asked for the heroes’ help in securing the facility.

Suspecting a trap but joining them anyway, the Governor and a squad of storm troopers escaped with the orphans, leaving the heroes behind to be amushed.

After fighting their way free and locking the stormtrooper squad inside a research lab, the heroes find Harmon, the Naboo security agent, dying of blaster wounds, as well as an unconscious Pash.

Hopping into the remaining speeders, our group of adventurers take off down the darkened tunnel, close on the heels of the Governor and the yet-again-kidnapped orphans.

Episode 17
The Empire is basically a cult...


Previously, on Star Wars: Edge of the Empire…

Still reeling from the disturbing things they’ve seen and experienced while battling a force-sensitive cult leader, the group has to deal with a dozen terrified orphans, confused cultists and an abandoned Imperial research facility.

The Naboo security agent Harmon is furious with the Imperials for ignoring the dozens of people killed or kidnapped by the cultists, which were clearly (at least at first) a front for some nefarious Imperial research projects.

Episode 16
A cooked cultist


Previously, on Star Wars: Edge of the Empire…

The group has had enough of the Nikto cultists who bombed a marketplace and used the ensuing chaos to kidnap children from an orphanage.

Teaming up with a Naboo security agent named Harmon, the group assaulted the mountain base used by the cultists, wiping out the guards and making their way inside.

In a much older section of the mountain, the members found an ancient metal box that proved incredibly difficult to open, as well as an imperial agent with his heart still beating and keeping him alive – held in his hand.

Discovering an insane force sensitive has taken over the cult, the group attacked and killed all the cultists, sending the cult leader into the lava.

Episode 15


Previously, on Star Wars: Edge of the Empire…

In Episode 14, Mathus, Sasha and Jerry wander into the large open market and begin heading towards the equipment and weapon stalls when a massive blast rocks the market.

Someone had set off a large ion bomb outside the Naboo garrison, sending our heroes flying and seriously injuring a number of people. Mathus helps Jerry regain his footing (and remove some tar) while Sasha gives first aid to a family nearby.

Spotting a couple of red-robed figures running away with Naboo security in pursuit, the group chases after them. After a furious fistfight, the group discovers the cult of Nikto is active on Naboo and is hiding out nearby.

A security agent arrives and explains that while they have complained numerous times to the local imperial garrison, they’ve done nothing about the cult – he suggests the locals would be very generous if the group is able to root out the cultists, and offers to meet them at their ship with some weapon permits later on.

Episode 13
Even spies get vacation days


Previously, on Star Wars: Edge of the Empire…

Having finalized their agreement with the leader of a criminal organization on Socorro, the group decided to shore up their cash reserves by answering a call from Anata, Jabba’s contact and spy on Tattooine.

Anata had a lead on the credits that some of Teemo’s old henchmen had stolen when the group had blown up his palace, and everyone decided to kill two birds with one stone by pleasing Jabba and taking a cut of the credits.

With rumours that Teemo’s Kubaz spy, Thweek, had stolen the credits, they tracked him down to his family home on Naboo. Arriving at the home, Vex discovered the house trashed and Thweek’s father suffering from serious torture wounds. He was barely able to save his life before Naboo security arrived to question him.

Vex managed to get the location of the family summer home, on the edge of a nearby forest, from Thweek’s mother and using other clues found the location in short order.

After managing to talk down Thweek from within the cottage, Vex and the group convinced him to join their crew and give over the credits, in exchange for protection against those that were chasing him.

They came to the arrangement just as another group of Teemo’s former thugs showed up looking for the credits – they fought the group off, killing half of them before the rest surrendered.

Episode 12
Swoop, there it is


Previously, on Star Wars: Edge of the Empire…

Chased by security guards on Swoop Bikes, the group led a merry chase through the alleyways of Akevva. Killing their pursuers, Jerry managed to take one of the swoop bikes after leaping onto one and killing its driver.

After ditching the security agents and ignoring the obviously booby-trapped crate filled with explosives instead of a shiny new landspeeder, the group met with the Verpine, Statos, who introduced the group to their new contact.

After successfully negotiating an ongoing deal to trade large shipments of Ryll on their smuggling base, the group agreed to take Statos back to their base as he is well known and wanted on Akevva.

Episode 11
You've won a brand new speeder!

Vekayya cantina small

Previously, on Star Wars: Edge of the Empire…

Pash, Vex and Jerry arrive back at the asteroid base, only to discover the Trex has escaped thanks to his slicer companion.

The group decides to try and open up some Ryll smuggling lines and headed to Vakeyya, the capital city on the planet Socorro, a world known for its smuggling and underworld connections.

With the name of a contact from Captain Onoss, the group hits up a casino. Pash and Sasha are immediately drawn to a slot machine and win a landspeeder in one pull, bringing about the suspicion of the head of security. They manage to talk him into having the speeder delivered to their docking bay, in exchange for leaving the casino immediately.

Meanwhile, Mathus and Vex have spotted their Verpine potential contact during a high stakes Sabaac game, but before they can reach out to him he is apprehended by casino security. Deciding to free him, the wookie Lowrhick neatly knocks two security agents unconscious and properls the Verpine out of the casino.

The rest of the security agents turn on the group as Mathus begins taking out portions of the casino’s power grid. In the ensuing chaos, Pash fires his flechette pistol, decapitating a security guard before he is stunned unconscious and the group manages to escape the casino.

The group launch themselves into their waiting speeder and immediately takes off, with security guards in hot pursuit through the busy streets of Vakeyya.

Episode 10
Worst. Mutiny. Ever.

Vekayya small

Previously, on Star Wars: Edge of the Empire…

Mathus, Sasha and Lowrhick stayed behind to clean and repair the abandoned station along with their captive, Trex.

Jerry, Vex and Pash went with the pirate captain Onoss on his freighter to the nearby planet Socorro to get supplies and parts for the station.

On the flight there, Onoss’s second in command, upset at Onoss’s decision to partner with the group, staged a munity on board, which was foiled thanks to the quick actions of the group.

Once on the planet, they met with Ota’s contact and sold the hyperspace transmitter for a good price. They also made a connection with a local arms dealer, who sold them several rare firearms and hooked them up with some other local traders.


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