Star Wars: Beyond the Edge

Episode 15



Previously, on Star Wars: Edge of the Empire…

In Episode 14, Mathus, Sasha and Jerry wander into the large open market and begin heading towards the equipment and weapon stalls when a massive blast rocks the market.

Someone had set off a large ion bomb outside the Naboo garrison, sending our heroes flying and seriously injuring a number of people. Mathus helps Jerry regain his footing (and remove some tar) while Sasha gives first aid to a family nearby.

Spotting a couple of red-robed figures running away with Naboo security in pursuit, the group chases after them. After a furious fistfight, the group discovers the cult of Nikto is active on Naboo and is hiding out nearby.

A security agent arrives and explains that while they have complained numerous times to the local imperial garrison, they’ve done nothing about the cult – he suggests the locals would be very generous if the group is able to root out the cultists, and offers to meet them at their ship with some weapon permits later on.


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