Star Wars: Beyond the Edge

Episode 19

Space Goonies


Previously, on Star Wars: Edge of the Empire…

While Vex and Lowrick stayed behind in an attempt to revive the mortally wounded Harmon, the others took off after the governor and the kidnapped orphans.

Kader, Mathus, Jerry and Sasha raced through the facility’s exit tunnel on stolen speeder bikes and a landspeeder – blasting out into heavily forested jungle. After surviving two epic crashes, Kader and Jerry managed to get their bikes under control.

In the meantime, Sasha and Mathus caught up to the children, under guard from the governor and his stormtrooper bodyguards. Slicing into the stormtrooper’s landspeeder, Mathus brings them to a halt, allowing our heroes to engage them.

After a fierce firefight, in which the orphan kid Jarren drove a stolen speederbike into the governor, the group decides to take the orphans back with them to their station, determining it isn’t safe for them any longer on Naboo.

Before they can leave the spaceport, they are “politely” asked to accompany an Imperial officer and his four squads of stormtroopers onto a Lambda class shuttle, as his superior wants to speak with them.

The shuttle takes them into orbit, where an Imperial Star Destroyer is waiting. The hangar bay doors open, and the shuttle smoothly drifts inside, with the doors sliding shut behind them…


BlueDog BlueDog

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